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As a patent attorney with bases in Biberach an der Riβ, my main task is to protect your intellectual property – with the particular emphasis being on the protection of technical innovations. To achieve this goal, I obtain patents and utility models worldwide in collaboration with the responsible patent offices.

The aesthetic appearance of a three-dimensional product or of a design should also be protected – design protection is appropriate for this purpose. By registering designs at the relevant offices, I ensure that your design is given the best possible protection.

Are you interested in protecting a particular sign, a term or a two-dimensional graphical depiction which identifies your product in the course of trade? Trademarks permit a product, an undertaking or a service to be identified and individually distinguished. By registering your trademark in the trademark register of a relevant office, you acquire the exclusive right to use it.


The best-known technical property right is the patent. This is a property right



The trademark is a registered property right with which, inter alia, designations for goods can be effectively protected. 


Utility model

The utility model is – like the patent – a technical property right, and is often called the ‘little brother’ of the patent.



The design is a registered property right with which the graphical, two-dimensional appearance (more..)